Unchallenged Racism On National TV.

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Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 12.33.43Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 12.34.09 Tracy Ryan of Cork Calais Refugee Solidarity on OpinionLine 96

On the Claire Byrne Live Show on Monday there was a segment on the Refugee Crisis framed from an Irish perspective. As usual on the show none of the facts were checked, challenged or corrected.

Anyone who remembers Byrne’s shows before the Marriage Referendum will be unsurprised. In the name of “balance” we get nodding heads and serious brows while panel members and the audience vomit racism/homophobia onto our telly screens.

The drinking man’s commentator on multi-culturalism, Ian O’Doherty of the O’Brien stable, gave a solid performance. His shtick is warning of the spectre of Islam that is haunting Europe. The bearded mullahs and the beheady loolaas are the Punch to his red-haired craic-loving Judy. Been there, wiped the kebab sauce on the t-shirt.

It would be tedious and laughable if it wasn’t part of the constant, fact-free, racist diatribe that misinforms the general population. Byrne and her pretendy journo buds have a very serious responsibility which they consistently shirk whether through agenda or ignorance. It’s offensive we have to pay €160 per annum for this garbage.

Tracy Ryan and the Cork Calais Refugee Solidarity group which raises material support for refugees were invited to Dublin for the programme. They were then ignored while the racists were given an unchallenged platform. It prompted a walkout by the group and supporters who had travelled as much as 5 hours to be there.

RTE replied to OpinionLine 96 (Cork radio 96FM programme, listen on Soundcloud link above) and blamed a Syrian refugee – Marwin – for speaking out of turn at the end of the show, thus taking the time they had allocated to the Cork contingent.

You can watch the programme on the RTE Player here (keep the mind bleach handy).

You can support the Cork Calais Refugee Solidarity group here.

Gavan Titley nailed a few of these worms to Twitter’s door last night –



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