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Remember last weeks shenanigans where the Nardaí refused a collection permit to some of the millies? Well, they just got a clarifaction on the whole thing.

Here’s what Paul Murphy TD had to say on his Facebook page this morning:

“So the Chief Superintendent has now said openly that “The collection permit has been refused because I believe that the proceeds of the collection or a portion thereof would be used to facilitate protests sponsored by the Anti Austerity Alliance.” Do I still hear any radio presenters scoffing at the idea of political policing?

The AAA is not being allowed to collect money because we might use it to organise protests. Why? Because people were arrested in relation to a previous protest – clearly she is referring to Jobstown. Bear in mind that nobody has been charged yet over Jobstown, nevermind convicted. Innocent until proven guilty unless you’re trying to build an anti-austerity movement to end the rule of the 1%?

We will be appealing this blatant political policing all the way through the courts. This is the Garda who is the most senior Garda in the division responsible for the Jobstown arrests and quite possibly the leaking of the information that 23 are to be charged (we’re still waiting by the way). If you want to support us, given that we are not being given permission to collect door to door, please click here and make a donation.”

So much for the auld right to protest. 


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