Come On, Vogue.

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Vogue what’s her face (from that awful reality bending TV show Fade) St just irked hapes of Dublin commuters at an early morning “Industry Nightclub pop up” at Connolly station.

Commuters must have been highly strung if the Independent broke from its churn of nauseating fawning stories about her. And would you blame them? Listen to that muck.

However, things didn’t go off script for long. It took a mere three hours for peace to reign again in la-la-land with a bootlicking list about her “equally impressive wardrobe” pushing aside any negative coverage of her DJing in the Independent.

It’s the minor details that make this of interest to us. We couldn’t care about Vogue. Serious questions need to be asked of the organizers of this event. Call it political economy.

How much did Irish Rail earn from this bag of crap? Was dance music being played? If so, were the organizers in possession of a dance licence?  What would it cost rabble if we wanted to do the same? What pleasure we’d take in hosting our own pop up rave on Saturday at 6am in Heuston Station.

Perfect for all the stamina crew. We’ll see who “spins the decks” then.

Answers on a postcard please…


  1. The network that joined the dots for this event could have easily done a pop up comedy stint or a temporary farmers market. They chose this and no one seriously into music culture would register this as anything other than an extension of a photo op stunt. that some hip PR person sold the client. It was then legally processed along the lines of a pop up farmers market. Vouge dee-jaying has little to do with any notion of reputable boundaries of ‘clubbing’ or music, even in its Irish version. And yes it’s a pity that some of the capitals footwork/grime djs were not offered this exposure in their home town but then again this event was technically outside the remit of ‘club’ boundaries. Its safe to say said PR person is delighted with any criticism as these responses confirm that an ‘edgy’ of ‘just, gettin out there, y’know..doin it’ feeling was exactly what they wanted.

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