Terrifying Path To Freedom.

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Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 14.46.27 Sky News Journalist Alex Crawford and camera crew join fleeing Syrians as they escape Turkey for the relative peace of the Greek island of Lesbos.

The ten minute video shows the situation in Turkey as people smugglers and market sellers have turned the flight from Syria into a regularised business. It also shares the terror for refugees crossing that final hurdle as the Turkish coast guard appears and fires live rounds over their heads.

One refugee, in tears as they approach the Greek island speaks for so many on board:

“Thank you Almania, thank you Germany, thank you. Thank you my heart, thank you.”

There is a public demo tomorrow (Sept. 12th) to call on Irish Govt. to take more refugees. 


  1. Plenty of “thank you”s before their arrival but none for the country where they’ll take their fist step into Europe, Greece, where people are waiting at the beach to give them water, food and dry clothes. If it weren’t for Greece allowing hundreds of thousands of refugees and immigrants to enter, they would be returning to Turkey, at least those who did not drown or were not shot at by its coast guard. As for the Syrian human traffickers, there is nothing worse than being taken advantage by your own. Once this mass migration decreases, these Syrian traffickers, with pockets full of a lot of money, will take a safe boat to a Greek shore. I hope that the people in this dinghy arrived at their desired final destination.

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