Porterhouse Blues.

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The Work Must Pay network visited the famous Porterhouse on Nassau St last week to inform the public that the pub was taking advantage of the JobBridge scheme to get a free restaurant manager.

Just a minute’s walk from the Dáil it’s a fitting example of the exploitative scheme which goes such a way to padding the government’s faked statistics on employment. The bar is part of the multi-million profiting international Porterhouse group which employs over 500 staff between Dublin, London and New York.

Work Must Pay had this to say:

“We received a great response from passers by with 100’s of leaflets handed out, which more than made up for the hostile reception and verbal abuse we received form Porterhouse management. Say NO to JobBridge, WORK MUST PAY!!”

If you want to keep up with the Work Must Pay activists or lend a hand visit their Facebook page here.

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