Homeless Helpers Need Your Support.

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Darren Bradley provides vital frontline support to Dublin’s homeless people. However, the March For The Homeless group have had their nightly pop-up support shut down by Gardaí and their van impounded.

Operating on a shoestring and through the goodwill of volunteers and Dublin businesses, Bradley’s group provides hot meals, drinks, clothing and sleeping equipment as well as haircuts and support for rough sleepers in the city.

Their donated gazebo pops up on Grafton St. near the Phil Lynott statue and homeless people gather to collect the nightly offerings.

Last week Guards shut down the pop-up kitchen and took volunteers’ details. Any temporary structure needs the council approval. Last night they impounded Bradley’s van which is used to transport food and equipment and act as a storeroom during the nightly handouts. The van is without an NCT or Tax, although it is insured, and is one of the things that their ongoing fundraiser will be supporting.

If you want to get involved contact the group via their Facebook page. If you’d like to help with a donation, visit their GoFundMe page here.

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