Hashtag Recovery.

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€27bn here, 5,000 new jobs there; 80%  sign up to Irish Water here, 500,000 on torchlit Fine Gael march there. Numbers, numbers everywhere and not a fact check in sight.

JobBridge, meanwhile, continues to remove people from jobs and replace them with “interns” while reducing the Live Register. Everyday is a good day at Hashtag Recovery HQ.

Today over at JobBridge website we counted 1,143 positions outside the capital (including one in Armagh!) and 551 in Dublin. Sweet smell of success wafting through the windows of the Ministry of Social Destruction.

Don’t forget, JobBridge is just one incarnation of the scheme to pay private companies’ wages while they shed really existing jobs. It’s even got so bad that they’ve JobBridged JobBridge.

Visit Work Must Pay to see some of the actions they’ve taken against JobBridge abuse.

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