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In what could become a recurrent feature around these parts, we’re inviting some of our favorite record stores to dip into their boxes and recommend some fresh cuts.

First up it’s the staff of Little Gem with a bag of electro-clash, psychedelic garage and dreamy pop.  You can find Little Gem squirreled away in the Grand Social at 35 Lower Liffey Street in Dublin. Drop in and say hello.  Check em out on Facebook too.




Suspicious Beasts – Might Die Tomorrow (Alien Snatch!)


3rd album from Tokyo expats in Brooklyn on German label Alien Snatch! A wider variety of songs in their psychedelic garage style than on previous releases, Might Die Tomorrow sounds like the best album that the Beatles never recorded slowed down, sped up and then played backwards.

Their darkest record yet, Yosuke Okada’s howling sincerity sings of death and destruction over the uplifting and sunny arrangements fast and slow. ‘Acid Raid on Every Birthday’ is as gorgeous a piece of jangly pop as is possible to create with musical instruments.




Peaches – Rub (I U She Music)


First album of new material in 6 years, Rub is Peaches at her filthiest and finest. Featuring guest artists Kim Gordon, Simonne Jones & Feist, Rub is a celebration of feminist electroclash.

Surfing such topics as waving dicks in the air and vaginoplasty (“make it tighter make it better”), Peaches is still ahead of the game when it comes to writing a hook filled melody that can get you in trouble if sang at the wrong place at the wrong time. “Got so much beauty coming outta my ass”.



Collection – Miserable Miracle (AB Records)

Beautiful and eclectic mix of soft dreamy pop from Lyon trio Collection. Lush and full arrangements cut to minimal bleeps and distant bloops and back again with excellent timing and inventive song structures.

If you like your good music good, you might call this off kilter french pop or even a becoming unconventional breath of fresh air. If you mostly listen to Taylor Swift on FM radio you probably won’t have a clue whats going on but then you should probably do something about that.


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