Poor Phibsborough.

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More disappointment for the ever suffering village that is Phibsborough.

A local campaign called Re-imagining Phibsborough just got wind from the National Transport Authority (NTA) that the current expansion of the Dublin Bikes scheme will not bring a single stand to the village or north of the North Circular Road even.

The planned station extensions seem mainly designed to service the Grangegorman campus, with a profliferation of them circling around it. This statement was posted on Reimagining Phibsborough Facebook page earlier:

“As can be seen, there is a remarkably high density of stands in the direct vicinity of Grangegorman campus. Despite a submission from Phizzfest Reimagining Phibsborough campaign outlining the very good reasons why the scheme needs to be expanded to the village centre (not least the fact that a significant portion of the Grangegorman student population live here), we have been told by the NTA that it will not be feasible.

We reject this out of hand and will be asking the NTA to overturn this decision. We will be applying pressure and seeking the support of all local representatives to ensure this happens and that the scheme expansion includes the village centre.

If you want to have your say, contact NTA Deputy Chief Executive Hugh.Creegan@nationaltransport.ie. Let’s show that the people of Phibsborough refuse to be overlooked.”

Could you imagine if a similar expansion was planned for the Southside, it’s hard to imagine it would ignore one of the major population hubs in the area like Ranelagh? Doubt it.

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  1. That’s pretty short of being sufficient to cover the area.

    Why walk to shops from Grangeorman when you can cycle, but no stands when you get to Phibsborough, Stoneybatter or Cabra East?

    A failure to understand the underlying ecosystem of demand such an expansion would create.

    Short sighted as always.

  2. Newmarket/ Cork St/ Clanbrassil a weird black hole. Bikes up to Portobello (of course); bikes in the Liberties; bikes in Kilmainham. No bikes around Cork St 🙁 (I just have to buy my own bleedin bike).

  3. Here’s a map of the Dublin Bikes stations, including the expansion. Nothing south of the Canal either and Dublin 8 ignored almost completely bar a little line towards Guinness Storehouse.
    IrishCycle.com: DublinBikes expansion map


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