They’re Aborting The GAA!

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Stop the nonsense!

Vicky Langan writes:

“Fresh pro-life flier dropped through my letterbox! This is probably the best one I’ve ever seen. My husband remembers a pro-life man handing out yellow fliers with a bus on them during Cork @RosaWomen rally.”

Here’s our own Sheila Lafferty with an article called What’s the story with abortion by post?


  1. I mean, they’re right in that I don’t think legalising abortion will do anything about Irish Water. Wouldn’t it be great if it did though?

    “In today’s headlines, everything much better than it was before due to the fall of Irish Water and the rise of Irish Abortions.”

  2. Seems reasonable enough. Although to progress this logic to conclusion, then the anti-choice gang should vote for abortion, which would clearly decrease the population of pro-choice folk, who would rampantly go about killing their young. Then the anti-choice gang can finally rule the world and ban all abortions… although 20 years later there would of course need to be a reversal of policy as the population of those with murderous intent grows again…and repeat for eternity… Ah well, at least religious people never kill others… hmmmm….

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