RENUA: The Party of the 1%.

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Twitter user and self described humanist, Peter Ferguson, took the unusual step of engaging with Renua’s website yesterday. Renua removed the Tax Calculator from their site this morning.

The party was formed as an anti-choice reactionary break away from the regime and the ‘Flat Tax’ is their only policy thus far, although that hasn’t stopped the Irish media from devoting acres of space to the irrelevant clowns.

With a series of tweets, Ferguson showed the ludicrous ‘Flat Tax’ policy of the Eddiehobbsians and how it targets the poor and the vulnerable and rewards the already wealthy. Simple as that really. Renua reacted by removing the calculator and hoping everyone keeps talking about Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael Councillors.

And the last word goest to Renua’s finest:


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