Powerless Without Solidarity.

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A homeless family is calling for support tomorrow against eviction from a privately managed complex providing emergency accommodation in Dublin.

The partner of Catherine Reddington remains in the apartment with their two small children but Catherine has been locked out. The management has cut off heating and power. The complex is near Dolphins Barn in Dublin 8.

The family say they have been evicted because of being 40c short for a power bill and point to the conditions and abuses that many say are widespread in these complexes – which are administered by Dublin City Council.

Residents say they are not allowed to fraternise, children are not allowed to play or speak with each other on pain of ‘punishments’ such as having lifts turned off, opening residents’ private mail and entering apartments without warning. Catherine’s mother, Amanda, claims windows are nailed shut and former residents say that the gates are padlocked at 11pm.

The Gardaí appeared at the site during the week but only to arrest a cameraman and remove solidarity activists from outside the premises.

A solidarity protest will take place tomorrow (Thursday 10th) at 3:30pm, details are in Irish Housing Network’s Facebook Event Page.

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