Fine Gael To Re-Execute Connolly.

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As part of the 1916 Centenary celebrations Fine Gael plans to exhume the bodies of the leaders of the 1916 Rising and execute them again, “to be sure”.

The first “Re-Execution” is planned to take place on April 1st and the ceremony has been put out to tender. What’s left of James Connolly will be strapped to a chair before being shot by ammunition found at the end of the runway in Shannon.

The chair will be produced on a 3D printer as part of 1916-2016 Innov82gether celebration of entrepreneurship promoted by Minister for Doing My Confirmation Simon Harris. The chair will later be donated to Beaumont Hospital A&E to ‘alleviate trolley wait times’.

Minister of Defence Simon Coveney announced the Re-Execution celebrations which will be undertaken as part of a joint IBEC/ISME ‘History Going Forward’ hashtag event. Minister for Foreign Affairs, Charlie Flanagan, expressed his desire to get Prince Charles to fire the first shot as part of a cleansing apologia from the nation for past wrongs done to Britain.

Full details are not available yet as the ceremonies will be put out to tender in a Public Private Partnership venture expected to bring experience, marketing and initial funding on board ahead of long term losses for the taxpayer and acute embarrassment for later governments.

A Labour spokesperson commented that if it wasn’t for Labour then Fine Gael would have shot him harder.


  1. &They FG have the neck to say MICHAEL COLLIN.S was one of them !!far from it,he,d have gotten rid of them the way he,eliminated the CAIRO GANG,ie In one operation,clean out!&we all know now he was set up by Dev,who hadn’t the gut,s to put himself in his position,!How could the IRA,have taken on the British army,4 million strong,&thousand of trench veteran,s!&That was the option he was given, It would have been a massacre!&COST THOUSAND,S if not hundred,s of thousand,s of innocent lives!&that,s fact,s of the matter!who would want that on their conscience,?????

  2. Well done Rabble. Fine Gael needs a good satirical lash over their anti-1916 antics.

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