Last Stand At Moore Street?

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As many as forty activists are blocking work at 14-18 Moore Street, Dublin tonight. The terrace is the site of the surrender of five of the signatories of the Declaration of Independence in 1916.

Behind scaffolding, work was underway when activists, including the Save Moore Street group, occupied the site. There are fears that damage may be done by the work to the buildings (14 to 17 in particular) which are a national monument.

On site tonight a spokesman for the company undertaking the work, Lissadell, told us that while he understood the concerns of the activists he couldn’t divulge what work was being done or on which buildings as it was a confidential matter.

When pressed by Cllr John Lyons (People Before Profit) on whether it was a “Ministerial directive that no information be revealed to the public?” the spokesman for Lissadell replied “Yes.”

The Minister for Heritage is Heather Humphreys (Fine Gael). Transparent government in the centenary year.

An activist led rabble through the site of 16 Moore St and pointed out certain matters of concern including partially dishevelled brickwork in supporting walls and a recently marked out ‘DOOR’ space on a partition wall between 15 & 16 Moore St. There was also timber from doorways, doors and other woodwork presumably contemporary to 1916 piled in one corner with catalog numbers pencilled on them.

Much distrust surrounds the development of the site as there has been more than a few breaches of trust, regulations and promises over the years regarding the historic site. And many suspect that plans to build a giant shopping centre enveloping the site are going ahead.

Tonight activists asked for clarity as to what was being done, none was forthcoming and so those present said they would remain in the open buildings until such time as satisfactory assurances followed.

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  1. Your government do not care about irish people or their history ,they sold you all out to brussels and the eu.dublin council do not care for moore street or its irish heritage,if it wasn’t for the veg traders or the knock off tobacco sellers ,then their would not be an irish prescence in that historic dublin street,when you fill every shop with africans,chinese and people of muslim starts to become like a shanty town area. That street should of been restored and protected during the celtic boom,and filled with dublin traders instead of being neglected since 1916 and filled with foreign traders who look more likely to mug you than serve you. And this is sad to say ,and i wish it wasn’t true and i was wrong,but the eu is destroying ireland and its past history and future .and wants to turn the famous and proud tricolour into a star on their eu flag.your government swapped your punt and stole your grandchildrens future ,that was earnt in blood during 1 easter in 1916. i hope the irish find that spirit again and take back their country ,instead of continuing to let it be a dumping ground for every johnny foreigner. There is multiculturalism and then there is taking the the extent of abolishing nationality .

  2. Fantastic comment kenny,always said blueshirts let the refugees in so that they will eventually outnumber the indigenous irish natives to air brush and wipe the history of our 1916 martyred heroes out,and then they will return to be part of the commonwealth, hopefully i can make my way to moore st to day from belfast to lend support to our great protesters,,Erin go bragh

  3. RE: Previous xenophobic comments

    ‘Indigenous Irish’ *scoff*

    You know like Thomas Clark… oh, no, wait. He was born in England. Or de Valera… Oh, no, wait, American… You must be talking about Connelly then… oh, right, Scottish…. Markievicz then… shit, born in London. Dammit, just how many of the martyrs of 1916 and others who fought were a bunch of johnny foreigners? (hint. quite a few of them)

    This anti-immigrant bullshit is particularly sad considering how many Irish people have emigrated over the past 150 years and how many different countries took us in and how ‘Irishness’ is literally a hodgepodge of multiple waves of immigration by multiple different peoples.

  4. If my tax money gets spent on restoring someones shop premises who has never paid tax in their life I’ll lose my marbles.

    This has nothing to do with Irish identity. Sure you can wander down Moore street and hear the ‘traditional’ Irish accent and that has it’s charm. But this place is a squalid hole at present. Any renovation work is a good thing.

    The street sellers should be cleared out – any other European city the markets are fun, safe and attractive.. Moore street is none of these things.

  5. Eilis .all of your above mentioned foreigners gave something to ireland ,they fought for a just and worthy cause ,and was prepared to die to free ireland.the big difference with them so called foreigners (all catholic )and todays foreigners in dublin(huge percentage muslim) is they gave to ireland ,the ones today give nothing and take everything they can,they take irish homes,childrens school places ,the romanians came only to steal a living and beg,the hard working poles are good people (majority)but their arrival signalled irelands wage depression.the africans will soon outumber the dubs,balbriggan is a classic example of a dumping town for immigrants. Trust me when i say this,”there is an agenda by the eu ,to dilute nationalities and create 1 europe of mixed europeans with no affinity or loyalty to the country they reside,all controlled by brussels,with 1 flag and 1 anthem,and soon to be 1 army ” the eu does not want the fighting irish spirit ,that produced the easter uprising heroes,does it bollox ,it wants to dumb down your children via a liberal left education curriculem,dilute your nationality via mass uncontrolled immigration .michael collins would be turning in his grave if he could see his ireland and todays dublin.

  6. You know. Whenever I read tripe like Kenny is posting, I really just want to shove a blackened potato in someones mouth to make them shut up and maybe remember how lots of countries that weren’t ‘Catholic’ took us in and how we changed their culture and how we took “their” homes and jobs and all that nonsense and how we constantly complain about “No Dogs, No Irish”.

    Look, you get to complain about immigrants when you take the 100 million strong Irish diaspora back. Hell, take just the 3 million with passports back (like… 40% of people with Irish citizenship don’t live here…. because…. we emigrate.)

    Think finding a gaff in Dublin is tough now?

  7. I bet your ashamed of your history,the irish travelled to america and built america,what do irelands immigrants contribute? i’d shove that potato down your throat with my fist ,you are one of the dumbed down liberals i mentioned,there is plenty of trouble headed to ireland because of the immigrants people like you welcomed,a few years back in parnell street,a black hair dressers had the cheek to put a no whites allowed sign in their window.they didn’t last long,but your type would say ,(you can’t blame them after what whites put them through hundreds of years ago,) you’r less of an irish man than the immigrants.

  8. Kenny,

    I’m sure I speak for the majority of people of sound mind here when I say this, but we’d probably all applaud you if you fucked off and “died for Ireland”, preferably off the edge of a cliff. Your racial nationalist ramblings are an embarrassment.

    If it wasn’t for immigrant communities Moore St would have been dead years ago. The shops, businesses and restaurants they’ve opened have kept it a vibrant city centre hub with zero support from the state.

    Wrap your green flag around you and fuck off please.

  9. You’r a very stupid bunch ,and one day when it is too late your grandkids will ask you a question about ireland ,and then you will realise that you allowed the government to trick you into giving away your identity.for the last 10 or more years the schools in ireland have taught the eu liberal left agenda ,teaching equality of everything except its own people.and raised a generation of cowards and appeasers.if ireland had to make a call to arms like it did in 1916, then i’m afraid todays youth would be too busy on their iphones to join the ira. Ireland is run by romanian sex gangs,latvian criminals and other foreign gangs.all thanks to the eu and this spineless corrupt irish government. Gerry adams spends that much time campaigning for palestine ,he has forgot about ireland.him and mcguiness have their nice cushy jobs and their well paid salary,they wont risk losing that by rocking the boat and speaking up for ireland. Again i say the irish that emigrated contributed to the countries they moved to ,the economic migrants who have moved here have contributed nothing except their mentality.theirs is only to take what they can and give nothing back(with the exception of some migrant nationalities) .with my own eyes i can see that the average irish family ,who has always paid into irelands economy and system,is less well off than the average family who have arrived from another country and contributed nothing to the public pot.that money gets sent back to their own country.i am not a racist but i am a realist . Rip ireland .

  10. I stand corrected and apologise to mr adams who was in moore street to offer his support and backing .moore street should be saved,renovated and turned back into one of the most historic and irish street in dublin, im sure the phone unblocking shops ,hair extension and weave shops and scabby all you can eat buffets can be relocated somewhere else ,and moore street turned back to an irish heritage street .with the best of ireland and dublin found on the street.

  11. Ah let’s face it Kenny. You might reach for the memory of 1916 to add some spice to your mythical Oirish bollocks, but if you’re operating under such bare faced racial delusion now, one can only imagine what nonsense you’d have been into back then. Certainly not the ideals of the rebels.

    Judging by your ranting and punctuation here today, you’re the only one stuck on an iPhone.

    Go do some proper historical research dude, you are embarrassing yourself here.

  12. You’r what’s wrong with todays ireland ,you would go on a gay pride march ,and wave your rainbow flag ,but you wouldn’t show up if your country needed you ,with your i said bollox ireland has raised a generation of are proof of loyalty to ireland or its history.

  13. You wouldn’t give a bollox if these buildings are demolished and a mosque built in its place timmy.

  14. No Kenny! YOU wouldn’t give a bollox if these buildings were demolished!

    Straight in there with shite bad mouthing Adams and the rest of them about Moore St, when your facts on something as simple as that are so fucking off the chart, then excuse me if I decide to take the rest of what you say with the same pinch of salt.

    You’re really a grower you know that.

  15. ‘you’r less of an irish man than the immigrants.’

    Um. Guilty as charged, I guess? For someone who spends an awful lot of time yelling about true oirish identity, I find it a bit funny that you mistook my name for male.

  16. I would be be disgusted if them buildings was knocked down.because the truth is your childs today was earnt bravely in that street and them buildings,and for what? so 100 years later it can be given away to an eu that doesn’t want patriotism..and gerry doesn’t do much for ireland these days .he collects his paycheck with martin,knods his head.and welcomes migrants dressed in families are struggling to get school places for their children,irish families can not find homes.and are struggling more than ever,the immigrants are better off than the irish .let it carry on as it is unchecked,and then see what irreversable damage is done in 30 years time.ireland is too small to sustain constant numbers of immigrants from africa and eastern europe and phoney economic migrants posing as refugees.they will outbreed at a rate of 5 to 1.multiculturalism is good but not to the extent we are witnessing today. Sorry if you think i mistook you for a was just a figure of speach to say irish man.

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