The Case for The Re-Election of Caligula’s Piebald Pony.

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Pictured: Paul Reynolds captured this group of ponies beind led out at Balinasloe Horsefair in 2012. It’s one of Europe’s oldest and largest horse fairs, dating back to the 18th century.



Poet Kevin Higgins is a regular contributor. It is said that Emperor Caligula appointed his favourite horse as Consul. Enda’s more of a piebald pony though.


The Case for The Re-Election of Caligula’s Piebald Pony


He’s put the I back into Ireland, taken us far in the right direction; made this once again a country fit for Sister Stan to have visions of equality in. He has worked with our European partners to put an end to the centuries young history of misunderstanding between the peoples of Burma and Bolivia, and brokered a Christmas truce between Loughrea and Portumna junior hurling teams so, if it wasn’t for the threat of more flooding, the people of those towns would now be safely walking the streets, like they did in his father’s time.

Despite the difficulties he’s faced, and those he’s not faced, he’s worked all the days and nights it took to make sure that in our capital city every child below a certain threshold has a modest hotel room in which to grow up and dream of one day letting in the goal that finally wins Mayo the All Ireland, made sure even the least valuable among us has a pavement on which to lay his or her troubled skull.

If re-elected to office, he will personally give every pensioner over the age of eighty, still living in their own home, a free Brazilian to help them with the washing up, or when needs be, the hoovering.

He is committed, or should be, to providing you the people of this island, which he understands you call ‘Ireland’, with new challenges in the form of more heart attacks, traffic and pressure on public transport.

If he could speak, which we hope he one day will, he’d ask you – the plain people of up and down this country – to please have as much faith in him, as his investors continue to do.


Kevin’s fourth collection of poems is out now and called The Ghost In The Lobby. His blog can be read here.


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