The Housing Crisis in D15.

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A Roof Over Our Heads is a documentary produced by Freda Hughes and Dave Blackwell with interviews carried out by Colman Duggan and Niamh Mc Donald.

It examines on the Housing Crisis with specific focus on it’s impact in the Fingal County and Dublin City Council jurisdictions. The documentary was recorded throughout 2015 with input from a hape of foks including Threshold, Focus Ireland, North Dublin Bay Housing Crisis Committee and Fingal County Council.

Freda gave us the jist of the project:

“People affected by the crisis share their stories of the stress of living in emergency accommodation while trying to raise a family and get on with their lives. This housing crisis is the worst this state has seen and is no longer just a housing crisis, but a child welfare crisis. The situation is dire and a drastic policy rethink is required if we are to tackle years of inaction and ineptitude.”

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