Denis’s Menaces.

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Lucinda Creighton (

Pictured: Lucinda Creighton taken from


Lucinda Creighton has launched a scathing attack on Denis O’Brien, the Irish Independent and journalist Sarah Carey.

In her blog post titled “Independent” Journalism the Renua TD gives both barrels to what she calls:

“a columnist attacking the integrity and motives of politicians based on nothing more substantial than the contents of their own imagination.”

Turning to Carey’s past, the TD reminds readers of the Independent journo’s transgressions at the Moriarty Tribunal:

“The Moriarty Tribunal found that Sarah Carey had lied to them.”

rabble readers too young or substance-addled to remember the Moriarty Tribunal should note that Sarah Carey worked as Marketing Director for the bould Denis at Esat Telecom back in Ireland’s golden age of winks and envelopes. Between all the jigs and the reels at Moriarty, Carey was annoyed that it seemed like Denis was only favouring Fine Gael with the spondoolicks so she leaked a letter of thanks to Denis written by Progressive Sturmfuhrer Mickey McDowell. The Sunday Turbine’s Stephen Collins (the most dangerous man in Ireland) printed it but Carey initially denied she was the source.

Back to Lucinda’s blog.

This is where it gets juicy. Following Renua’s “substantial policy document on tackling white collar crime”


“The response to these actions has resulted in me receiving a barrage of unsolicited meeting requests from someone who misrepresented who they were working for, in order to get my views on Denis O’Brien.

I received a letter delivered by hand from Denis O’Brien effectively asking me keep to quiet and laden with strident attacks against my character.

I have received a dozen emails from a former director of Esat, Denis O’Brien’s telecoms company for whom, according to the Moriarty Tribunal, Michael Lowry secured the mobile telephone licence, personally attacking me and my integrity.”

There’s more:

“The Moriarty Tribunal report found that Sarah Carey used her Fine Gael connections to put her at the centre of a number of substantial donations of cash from Denis O’Brien to Fine Gael, and in particular it quotes one letter from her to Phil Hogan.

It states:

‘Dear Phil, please find enclosed a draft for the golf on the 16th’ – this is to be a Fine Gael fundraiser – ‘I understand Denis O’Brien has requested that there are no references to be made to his contribution at the event. Best of luck on the day’.”

Looks like Dinny might be on a hiding to nothing here. You’d nearly feel sorry for the big guy, the luck he’s having. It must be very taxing.

You can read the blog in its entirety here.

Bad week for Denis.  He was DOB’d (badum tish) in it over his tax affairs on Wednesday too.

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