Paul Murphy Six Hours Late For Work Again.

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For the ninth time this year TD Paul Murphy has arrived late for work. Murphy keeps sitting down in front of his own car to protest its ongoing payment of Irish Water subsidies.

A source close to Murphy said:

“It’s an absolute nightmare to be honest. We went for a spin out to Howth with Paul on Sunday and didn’t get there until Wednesday.

The Motor Tax has traditionally subvented water services in Ireland and now goes to funding ‘jollies’ and ‘consulting’ for ex-Labour hacks and failed middle-managers in Irish Water.”

Commuters this morning in Dublin city centre were treated to the spectacle of Murphy blocking his own car on Dame Street with a banner reading:

“Whose Car? My Car!

Earlier this month RTÉ had to shelve plans for a new TV reality show called ‘Can Pay, Won’t Pay’ when Murphy arrived for his audition 11 hours late and then ‘locked-on’ in the car park with a bewildered Pat Kenny.

The Ceann Comhairle replied to questions about Murphy’s tardiness, saying:

“He’s worse than ISIS.”



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