Fragments and Stammerings.

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Another re-release that came into our feeds. This one popping back into view from 2006 and sketching out the early days of the whole Community Scratch Games camp with all proceeds going into the upcoming tenth weekender.

MynameisjOhn, him that does be on the buttons for Rusangano Family, has some nice words laying the backdrop to the release:

“The CDs arrived to Kerry. “Bang out a few these down there,will ya? Only 5e”. I put on one the CDs. Jesus almighty! Andy was making music! Bloody amazing music! It didn’t sound like anything else, but it definitely did sound like Andy. Oh yes. Songs (and I mean songs) of lost lovers, hometown regrets and subconscious pokes to get the kettle on. It was fucking mad and it was brilliant. It smacked of an old wandering blues musician, only the guitar case was replaced by a flight case and a trolley. Folk shit to smoke shit to. ‘Fragments and Stammerings’ was so important to a lot of us, because it was the first real kick. It could be done. We could make music,but we’d have to work hard. Harder. The music could bang and bounce,but it could be personal too. You could be Madlib and Jethro Tull on the same track. You could put it all out there, the fears and mistakes and the hopes and swagger, but you better be real about it. That’s what I took from it anyway. It was that record that made me go “jeez, I better figure out how I can do this too. I can’t do what he can do (no one can) but I better try do something.” And I know others who felt the exact same. ‘Fragments and Stammerings’ wasn’t so much the beginning, more so it was a line being drawn in the sand to say the weirdos are here and they’re here to stay.”

We caught up with Deviant for some words before the 2015 games.

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