Idiots Ireland.

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So, those dopes at Identity Ireland just issued a press statement but forgot to expunge it of their own bile at the start.

Ouch. Hate that.

Earlier in the month, Peter O’Loughlin, the Carlow man spearheading this new anti-immigration platform addressed a rally organised in Dresden by Pegida, a German far right movement.

He said:

“For those of us that take our responsibility seriously and speak out against he criminal neglect of our leaders, I think we all know what happens. They release the hounds, the cultural Marxist hounds and the media hounds. Racist, Fascist, extremist, Islamophobe, blah blah blah. Same nonsense every time.”

Well, if you’d any doubts about the organisation’s intentions, the mask has well and truly slipped.

Cop Mark Malone’s video from their launch event last August for more insight on this lot.

We took a look at the Irish far right back in #rabble10.

Props to @MarkMDub for putting this our way.


  1. I like the way you haven’t actually dealt with the concerns Identity Ireland are raising but simply use a mistake and some unconnected quotes to smear them. You don’t even show the whole email they sent. These method are still going to succeed with some people so keep it up. You do realise that Ali Selim is on record saying he wants Sharia law in Ireland? That means you would be off the menu Rashers.

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