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ADW is one of our favorite Dublin based street artists. His presentation at one of the last Come Here To Me events in the Sugar Club saw him outline a messer’s methodology of street level agit-prop intervention that has nailed it repeatedly over the years.

We featured him way back in #rabble5 as one of our centre spreadistas. You might recall a wee incident with the Nardai at the Kings of Concrete.  Anyway, he’s been a busy chap.

We spotted some recent work outside All City on Crowe St so sent him a few messages to catch up on what’s going on.

Can you just give us a few lines on what the whole tiger and flag thing is about? Are you trying to chime in with something around the 1916 commemorations or am I reading it wrong?

Exactly, part of the inspiration behind the piece is the centenary of the Easter Rising, but I also wanted to reflect and convey a modern Ireland in 2016. The name of the piece is This Year’s For Me and You, a line taken from ‘the Pogues’ Fairytale in NY which was constantly played as I was busy creating the piece at the tail end of 2015.

It’s going to be a pretty special year to be Irish and the line from the iconic song fit the image and my thoughts perfectly. Like most of my artwork, songs, music and lyrics become such an important part of the creative process, and this piece was no exception.

But of course, art is always open to interpretation and can mean different things to different people.

Also, what’s the Gone But Not Forgotten thing about?

It’s a year long project called Gone But Not Forgotten. Basically, the idea behind the project is to remember and commemorate remarkable people who’s anniversaries are on that date.

One image is published each day that combines three carefully selected portraits of people who have died on that particular day. The three images are stitched together in a way that they become a new being and begin to take on a life of their own.

Along with the daily image, a little biography is added to give the viewer an insight into these remarkable and inspiring lives, a reminder that we all stand on the shoulder of giants.

A lot of reading and research goes into each image and hours disappear as I pour through history and biography websites collecting information and images for the project.

It’s kind of hard to explain and definitely more a visual thing.  Go check ’em out here.

Head over to Facebook to see what’s going on. Plenty of eye candy to sail through.


  1. I think the special years to be Irish were 95 to100 years ago.

    Excuse my unamused disposition, as they pretend to commemorate those and their ideals and convictions they never concertedly encouraged us to appreciate, as we are swept up in the hysterics and pop history debacle, an excited by the violated twisted shreds of our glorious tainted achievements they endow upon us.

    And excuse me for failing to see how this image reflects or embodies what it is to be irish today or modern ireland.

    Maybe enda with a euro flag tattoo on his ass shitting on our sovereign seal may be a bit more apt.

    We are on the verge of being reduced to Home Rule!

    For what are we celebrating? Our failure to secure, advance and use the liberties many of those we supposedly celebrate died for!?

    Again, excuse me.

    If I hear a murmur of constructive contention too the facts stated above. A glimpse of fiery excitement may be struck in my eye, but will probably realign to an ember glow, with the spirit of the Irish which burned so ferociously not 100 year ago.

    1. Yea, I feel it now. Spirit of the Tiger
      Its nicely done.

      Was in a foul mood yesterday.

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