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Pictured: Rebecca Quinn speaking outside Louth County Council offices. A still taken from the video.


Following mass evictions backed by armed Gardaí, after years of Council lies and inaction, Travellers protested today in Louth.

Pavee Point published a statement on their Facebook page earlier.  It read like this:


“Travellers and Traveller organisations came from around the country to Dundalk today to attend a protest organised by the 23 Traveller families evicted from Woodland Park in the last week. The protest took place outside Louth County Council offices and local Travellers are calling for the evicted families to be allowed back into Woodland Park and for the site to be made safe. Local Traveller and spokesperson for the families Rebecca Quinn spoke at the protest of the trauma experienced by the evicted Traveller families. She said some of the families were facing further evictions from where they had stopped and of how some people were told their children could be taken into care if they were declared homeless.”

Give them a follow to keep up with the issue.

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