And Now For More Hardship.

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Meet the O’Keefe family, flat broke and facing the full brunt of a Labour/Fine Gael coalition. How do they fare?

More timely gold from the RTE archive. This one from 1976 and looking at one of the harshest budgets in the history of the state.

“On 28 January 1976 Minister for Finance Richie Ryan introduced the final budget of the Fine Gael/Labour coalition. Described as the toughest budget since the Second World War, it increased VAT in a number of areas.

‘7 Days’ investigates how the O’Keefe family who live on £23.51 per week will be affected by the budget. Father of three Pat O’Keefe is currently unemployed and receives unemployment assistance of £20.85 a week. The family obtains a further £10.25 a month in children’s allowances.”

Puts us in mind of those old Minister for Hardship sketches from Hall’s Pictorial Weekly.

There’s no embed function on that RTE site, so ye may click here.

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