Indiana Jones and The Terrible Beauty.

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More 1916 TV goodies for ya. This one from the fertile mind of George Lucas and a TV show that set out to fill in the backstory for Indiana Jones.

Behold a young Indy gallivanting around Dublin getting the glad eye from gullible cailíns in the week of the Easter Rising.

Predictably along the way he meets a host of Irish ledgebags like a very gruff WB Yeats and a rather likable angry young man called Sean O’Casey.

The O’Casey character carries the show, venting his spleen at “the airy fairy bollocks” of the day dreaming Yeats and turning down the chance to fight in the GPO because he wanted a socialist Ireland not “one that’ll be taken over by priests”.

It’s a bit of craic and wears and wears a grin on its face.

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