Sunday Night Revision.

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It’s Sunday night and morbid eyes turn to watching RTE’s Rebellion with rubber necking glee. How bad can it get this week?

Thankfully, here’s some alternative viewing.  One of our readers sent this on:

“With that revisionist nonsense currently doing the rounds on RTE, this brilliant depiction of the Rising and Tan War should be seen more- despite it having been buried over the last decade and a half.

The quality’s not great and it’s cut up into short segments but nevertheless, I’ve uploaded all of “Rebel Heart” to youtube. Please share it so as many people as possible see a better depiction of how things went down.

Also, if you notice at all that one of the videos has been removed, please let me know as I’m fully prepared to re-upload them on a new Youtube channel.”

Rebel Heart came to the screens in a rage of controversy with David Trimble, the First Minister of Northern Ireland and leader of the Ulster Unionist Party, writing to top dogs in the BBC urging the production to be banned. Writer Ronan Bennet responded with fire.

Years later Bennet scripted Top Boy, a Channel 4 show about turf wars in a London estate. Worth a watch too.

Has anyone got any links to the full version of Insurrection? RTE’s big production on the 50th commemoration.

There’s only one episode online.

Could someone out in RTE do the nation a favour and rip it from the archive please?



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