Gombeen # 11: The Ringmaster Of Reaction.

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Joe Duffy

There is a jolly man who acts as the ring master for reaction, he whips up callers into a frenzy, rails at them, exudes sympathy, tells people to ‘go on’ with their tales of misery and he pretends to care.

Then he mounts campaigns for what HE believes is right His training was being an outsider who got into college, it was being left wing, it was engaging in protest, but he got accepted by the masters, rolled over on his belly and liked having his belly tickled. So the outsider found a place in the big house and turned to tell us we are all the same.

Joe Duffy is the ring master, misery, frustration and tales of people being destroyed by the system are transformed into entertainment on the airwaves.

The Easter Rising, when brave people decided to break with the rule of empire, in Joe’s hands has become a book about the death of the innocent children caught in the crossfire.

No politics just misery. Joe could not invite a Traveller on air when the tragic fire in Carrickmines saw five children lose their lives.

It’s the circus that is important to Joe, not change.

Illustration by Redmonk.


  1. Who polices Joe or is he a law onto himself on the ‘compound’? I can imagine a bunch of lackeys running around to get his coffee terrified of pissing him off.

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