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Remember a millions years ago, there was an absolute blow up track called Township Funk by DJ Mujava? One that riddled dancefloors with a propulsive pitched up hum and carnival drum patterns. And then no more?

Well, DJ Spoko is one of the earliest exponents of this hyped up South African kwaito sound and has been putting out a steady stream of releases over the past few years that have circulated this side.  Seems he earned his skills in sound engineering at Nozinja’s studio, the masterful progenitor of the heady Shangaan Electro 180 bpm work outs that drew blog favour in recent years.

War Gods on Lit City Trax was his last and now a new full length digital thing has serviced. Spoko’s online presence is a bit light on the ground,  so there’s a bit of a fucked up back story to all this from back in November.

One we missed until the release popped up on our Spotify this morning. As Okay Africa put it:

“Last month, while on tour in Europe, Marvin fell seriously ill in Glasgow. His tourmates from the Highlife crew checked him in to the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, where Marvin was diagnosed with TB. He’s been there for over three weeks undergoing treatment for a life-threatening condition.

Thankfully he’s doing better, and he’ll actually be discharged on Monday. Though in order to get back to South Africa and receive continued medical treatment, he’ll need some help.

Miraculously (but in no way surprising), Marvin was able to make new music during his hospital stay. It’s a six-track release he’s calling his Special Edition EP, recorded straight from Ward 5c of Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow. By purchasing the EP, you’ll be donating to what Marvin calls the “Spoko foundation,” for which he says he plans to go around educating people about TB.”


Dig deep over at Bandcamp so.

Apart from the odd UK Funky banger, of the sort pushed by R1 Ryders – it’s a shame less of this rugged funk crossed into more common currency.  We’re loathe to use the “bacardi house” term that has writhed its way around this sound, but it’s one DJ Spoko routinely uses himself, so who the hell are we to argue?

If you like this shit, then it’s worth pointing you in the way of a recent Gqom compilation that’s dropped over at Boomkat. Imagine it as the darker, more paranoid militantly brooding young brother.

Seriously dope weaponary.

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