Workers Must Pay.

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chartICTU asked TDs if they’d sign up to a charter for fair conditions at work. Fine Gael, Renua and some Shane Rossites said no.

The Charter (which can be viewed here with the answer given by your local representative) asked politicians to support workers in the following:

  • A Living Wage
  • Fair Hours of Work
  • Right to Representation & Collective Bargaining
  • Respect, Equality & Ethics at Work
  • Fair Public Procurement

ICTU General Secretary Patricia King commented:

“These results are quite stark and show a clear left-right divide in our political system in terms of support for the fundamental rights of people at work.

When we initiated the Charter campaign we did so to raise awareness of what constitutes decent work and to begin a national conversation about how we could make it a reality in every workplace.”

More at ICTU.



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