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A Fine Gael politician’s electoral  rhetoric of recovery has just been blown out of the water by Niall Phelan of Rye River Brewing. You might know them for those tasty McGargle’s brews that knock around?

Niall spotted a local candidate’s leaflet and had this to say about it:

“Firstly let me say I have no allegiance to any political party, but do support hard working politicians and I do believe that there are great public representatives in all parties. However, I was extremely annoyed when this came through my friends door. Firstly, I have spoken to this politician twice in my life, secondly to claim that he is responsible for creating jobs in our business is a disgrace. And third, it shows how little he knows our business, as Rye River has moved from Kilcock to Celbridge where we have announced 150 new jobs on top of the 50 we already created. Our team at Rye River have worked bloody hard and taken huge personal risks with plenty of sleepless nights to create those jobs. Mr Lawlor, you have just lost any chance of any vote from me, because if you’re claiming this, what else can I not believe on your leaflet.”

According to his website, Lawlor is a Member of the Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation Committee and Chair of the internal Fine Gael European and Foreign Affairs Committee. He claims to have been instrumental in the setting up of the Young Entrepreneur Awards too. You can watch him setting up a few straw men about TTIP here too.

Somebody hand the  fella a pail of water. His pants are in flames.


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  2. I emailed him to ask him why he did it and he responded this:

    Hi Francis

    Thanks for your email.

    Rye River Brewing company were based in Kilcock at the time of their jobs announcement. They have since moved to Celbridge,

    I have been in touch with the company apologising for using their good news story for the area on my literature.

    Kind regards

    Anthony Lawlor TD

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