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Cast your mind back to the RTE leaders debate. RBB was being grilled by Claire Byrne on crime and he mentioned how government cuts had wrecked havoc to a youth project in his area? Well, Oasis had a demonstration today and there’s a short video capturing it all.

Trade Union TV posted it about an hour ago saying:

“There was a protest against the cuts to the Oasis youth project in Dun Laoghaire on Sunday 21st February. This project gave alternatives to young people at risk to anti social behaviour and possibly crime. Locals fear that vulnerable youth will end up incarcerated or worse due to these cuts. There are also allegations of poor processes which closed this service down.”

It features Dave Hennessy, a worker with Oasis, Local TD Richard Boyd Barrett and Ann Keegan, a former Board member of SWANN (Supporting Women and Networking).

Make sure you follow Trade Union TV for more grassroots reporting.

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