Grindhouse Guv?

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red heat


Grindhouse Dublin are back this Friday the 26th with 1988 gem Red Heat. The first American feature film allowed to shoot in Red Square, this is far from any kind of historic or articulate document.

This is a film entirely driven by crude stereotypes, and well, Arnold Scwarzeneggar. In the first 5 minutes alone you’ll see muscles, nudity, fisticuffs, Arnie in a thong and Lenin and Marx themselves.

You could go home then and it’ll have been worth your tenner. But don’t do that, stick around for a classic East meets West buddy movie, and all the wooden one liners you’d expect from our favourite former Governor.

p.s. Friday is votin’ day, so make sure to get to the polls first, and remember: Vote Left!

It kicks off down the Lighthouse Cinema on Friday 26th at 10.30pm. Full details here.


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