What’s A Crowd To Do?

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One of those killer all on it dancefloor moments from District 8 last weekend as Bas Bron drops his Faitma Yamaha What’s A Girl to Do?  It was a Dublin label after all, D1  Records to be precise, that released this slow breaking off kilter classic many moons ago.

Saturday night saw both Eamonn Doyle and Jackmaster on the bill alongside Bron. Both characters who’s names are weaved into the folk myth of this tunes meteoric rise. Kenny Hanlon of Appartment Records wrote this on it:

“For those who don’t know, D1 Recordings is a Dublin label that was set up around 1994, not by Jackmaster and Hudson Mohawke, but by Eamonn Doyle with a crew which included Graham O’Sullivan, Rob Rowland and Donnacha Costello. In later years it introduced us to artists such as David Donohoe, Americhord and Lerosa as well as featuring releases by Keith Tucker, Dj Bone and Mark Broom amongst others. Alongside the label that produced some of Ireland’s first techno music (and to this day some of its best) there was a record shop, distribution company, club night and also the excellent Dublin Electronic Arts Festival. Ian Maleney wrote an excellent piece for RBMA last year which you can read for a more in-depth history which, funnily enough,  doesn’t mention this most fabled release by Bas Bron.

I’m not here to discount the Yamaha record’s history in other lands but it was just as beloved here in Ireland. I guess we don’t have hip djs to namecheck for our story, it was just a record adored by many since it first dropped back in 2004 on a local label that was well known for an extremely high standard of music.  Thus, I think it’s only fair that it gets some props at this moment in time.”

Scoot over to ISM for Kenny’s choice of other D1 Records.

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