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Capture media public-1

Eoghan H donned his miners hat and headed off down the data shafts once he heard politicians feet pounding the pavement three weeks ago.

The coder based down in Cork has this to say:

“On the 7th of February 2016, at 7:03am, I launched a twitter dataminer which began logging tweets in relation to the 2016 Irish General Election. This was done with the intent of providing an unbiased, purely data-based view over what the public talk about, what politicians talk about, and what the media talks about.

Over 320,000 tweets were logged between the launch time, and the chosen end time: 11:59pm on February 22nd, directly after the final “Leaders Debate”, hosted by RTÉ.”

There’s tonnes to look through including a tracking of sentiment.

Stick on the kettle.

Follow Eoghan on Twitter. Props to Pádraig for the tip.

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