So Long And Thanks For All The Fish.

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Today is E-Day and tomorrow will see a few right yokes on a major comedown. Who will be your favourite casualty of the phony war?

While everyone is aware of iJoan’s troubles in the rocky waters of Dubin West, you mightn’t be aware that Alan “Fuck You!” Kelly is facing a bit of a backlash in Tipperary despite dispensing sports grants like Scarface throwing around cocaine at a party.

Other tight squeezes should see us lose Joe Costello from Dublin Central. Very hard to judge what the hell is going on there although we hear major moves for Cieran Perry from rank outsider towards the last seat.

It looks like Jerry Buttimer’s getting kicked out of Cork South Central too.

In Mayo, Michelle Mulherin of Fine Gael dices with death. Michelle is infamous for spending thousands on intercontinental phone calls to her friend in Kenya. Oh, and for fornication – not a big fan of that or other women’s bodily autonomy.

In Galway’s constituencies the two hard right queens of the memes look to continue their remarkable record of never having won a seat despite thousands of column inches and miles of video footage dedicated to their lunacy. Lorraine Higgins and Fidelma Freely Memes.

Check the odds on your constituency with Paddy Power here.

Let us know in the comments below whose demise will have you diving into a bowl of jelly and ice cream?


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