Mountjoy Street Eviction Update.

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Activists from the Irish Housing Network have barricaded themselves in with four families facing eviction from numbers 54 and 55 Mountjoy Street, Dublin 7.

The group is calling for support as they expect a second attempted eviction at 5pm.

“There was an attempted forced eviction at 10 with unidentified heads breaking open a door and removing property including kids passports. The property was taken back by activists. People here are expecting another eviction attempt at 5.”

The Irish Housing Network is an umbrella group incorporating movements such as Dublin Bay Housing Crisis and DCHA

Here’s a press Release from Dublin Central Housing Action (DCHA):

“The families due to be evicted from their emergency accommodation facility on 54-55 Mountjoy Street were informed this morning they were to be out by 12 o clock. The original eviction date was Friday 26th of February.

DCC have failed to meet their demands and are refusing to enter into talks with them. In response to this they have, thus far, resisted the eviction and appear to be staying put. They have garnered a significant amount of support from the local community and further afield.

No suitable accommodation has been arranged by DCC. The families state that the temporary accommodation being offered is unsuitable as they offer no security, have no provisions for young children and disrupt their place on the housing list.

The stated reason for the eviction was an increase in the property’s rent, which DCC would be unable to supply. As the residents are in emergency accommodation, they do not receive protection under the tenants’ rights law. The residents became homeless for a variety of reasons, including landlords increasing the rents and rent allowances remaining stagnant.

Their demands are:

“1) We are are allowed to stay in 54-55 Mountjoy or are properly and securely housed with full tenants rights in alternative accommodation, suitable for children. 2) That DCC and management go into talks with us collectively as a campaign. 3) All people are granted adequate and protected housing rights, tenancy protection and the safety of a home.”


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