Auntie Patty’s Hop And Disco.

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So, March 17th is a day we hardly hold special in our cynical hearts here at rabble HQ. Unfortunately, this Paddy’s Day sees our bonkers old Auntie Patty landing back in town for the festivities – all the way from South Shore, Boston. And boy does the auld lush mean business.

It’s been a while since her Nike air max bounced along on the auld sod and she’s dying to see all the new faces in this disgruntled little parish of ours. Not to be out done, she’s been beavering away behind the scenes and has taken the bull by the horns to organise a right hooley for one and all.

The rabble sound system will be getting a run all day, with some very special guest selectahs hopping on alongside our regular in-house discslingers. More to come on that.

Leave your tacky leprechaun hats at home, shove your four leafed clover up yer hole – c’mon down and find some relief from the morass of commercialised Paddy Whackery that takes over the city for the day…


Scroll down for full deets.





Some of Patty’s friends will be taking advantage of your hunger (and hopefully some good weather…) to raise money for the Dublin Calais Refugee Solidarity group by hosting a BBQ.

There will be meat, veggie and vegan stuff. Burgers, falafels whatever, salads and whatever.

All proceeds go to the group. You know how important their work is, so no explanations are needed.

Come along and make sure they fill up ya portion..



Selectahs On The Day.

Tonie Walsh needs no introductions needed here. Auntie Pattie was a right tear away back in the her youth and could be seen getting sweaty at manys the mad Elevator night in the Ormond Multimedia Centre back in the day. No shock then she’s pulling out her Horny Organ Tribe membership card and calling up her old friend Tonie Walsh to take charge of peak time proceedings at the Disco and Hop on March 17th.

Read our piece with Tonie about the legendary Flikkers disco and an interview about clubbing with Nightflight.

Kenny Hanlon is the chief bottle washer at Apartment Records and constant keyboard basher at the Infinite Stage Machine blog where he preaches for that good dance shit . This dude joined us for a rabble party back in 2014 (on a b2b tip with his compadre Pauly Martin) and laid down some fierce tracks. Delighted to have him back. Check out one of his latest mixes over at John Heckle’s radio show.

Check out his label here and cop his latest mix for John Heckle’s radio show.

Shane O Meara of Gary’s Gang and Lunar Disko is also swinging by to our hideout on Belvedere Court to set things off with a mixed mag of truths tried and tested in the basement of the Sweeney Mongrel where he presided over the Gary’s Gang party in recent years.

Get some of his mixes into you over on Soundcloud.


Tickets on sale now. All proceeds from the door go to THE CAUSE! Shout out to Kerx for the sick work on the poster!

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