For Fox Sake.

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Above: screengrab of the foxhunt temporary position.


Release the hounds, dole-Smithers. iJoan’s JobBridge is still plaguing the unemployed while her ghost is being hunted from the corridors of power.

Every day we find these “internships” and wonder how low they can actually go before the few neo-liberal cheerleaders left in the country will put their hands up and say ‘fuck sake, that’s desperate’.

Today’s bell-endery comes from the Waterford Hunt. Waterford has some of the highest rates of unemployment in the country (especially among the youth) so it is ripe for the abuse of JobBridge.

What better men the pricks on horseback to exploit dole-reliant kids to their own ends?

“The intern will gain practical experience in all aspects of venery, hound management, horse management, country preservation and preparation and veterinary care. The intern will receive formal/informal training in the following hound management, whipping in, etiquette. On completion the intern will have attained skills in whipping in and will be positioned well to take up a position in hunt service as a whipper in and continue their training to take up the role of a professional huntsman.”

Or as the Irish Council Against Bloodsports puts it:

“Many citizens will be astounded and appalled that their hard earned tax euros are going to fund this horrific animal cruelty, which involves hounding a fox for hours across countryside. If the fox is caught overground, it is torn apart by the pack, and if it does manage to go to earth, terriermen will dig it out, using terriers to fight the fox underground, resulting in horrific injuries to both dog and fox.”


You can sign a petition to have this JobBridge ‘internship’ removed although we’ve been complaining about these abuses from potato picking to horse-shit shovelling and Labour basically gave us the two fingers every time. “Towards a Living Wage” me hoop.


  1. If the guy is saying it was previously a job then what’s the problem, I’ve seen these jobs advertised before in newspapers. You might not agree with it but nobody can stop it lawfully without discrimination of this organisation and they are legally entitled to do this. So why not focus on some bigger issues like water charges or property tax, or the fact that we are without and government and when we get one it will be a mish mash of policies what a mess!!!!

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