Some Classic Irish Choonage For Auntie Patty.

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IMG_20160314_152821We’ve another rabble ruckus brewing this week, so we asked two of our guests to dig out some bits of Irish electronic gold. Whatever about the hype greeting that “lost” D1 release by Fatima Yamaha in 2015, plenty of other bits have escaped wider ears over the years.

First up is Shane O’Meara’s Selection.

1. Sound Crowd – Sixth Season

Classic Dublin pirate radio material, co-produced by Mark Kavanagh before hard house took over.

2. Active Service Unit – Zaytoon

A tribute to everyone’s favourite kebab house from the D1 men.

3. Automatic Tasty – I’ve Missed The Last Bus Home

One of many great analogue jams from the Wicklow boyo.

4. TR – One – Shit Ain’t Worth It

Straight out of Carlow.

5. Americhord – Midnight

There aren’t enough Irish women releasing electronic music and Americhord has only put out a handful of records, all of which are brilliant.



Kenny Hanlon’s Picks.

1. Alter Ego – Nude Restaurant (Exploding Plastic Strings Remix)

Shouts to the Nordies – either of David Holmes mixes on this old Harthouse classic are sure to reunite any and all social and political divides out of sheer euphoric will.

2. Whirling Hall of Knives – Communite

Thoroughly brutal slab of industrial concrete-face techno. Seems to go on forever. Not a bad thing.

3. Lakker – Spider Silk

A right moody off step growler from Ireland’s most notable Berlin-based techno act.

4. Decal – Feel The Flange

So many Decal tracks to pick from so I’m gonna go for the…obvious one.

5. Rob Rowland – Freestate One

Mesmerising deep techno classic.

Catch the two lads doing their thing on the decks this Thursday March 17th at our Auntie Patty’s Parish Hop and Disco.

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