There Is A Signal…

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Hollywood Babylon are screening John Carpenter’s 1980s epic science fiction film They Live as a tribute to the late Roddy Piper who passed away in July of last year.

The film follows a drifter (Roddy Piper), who discover a pair of sunglasses which allow him to see subliminal messages and the true faces of aliens disguised as people. It is considered by many illumanti followers (including David Icke himself) to be more fact than fiction.

There are endless amounts of Youtube minutes devoted to proving this film is actually a “documentary”! However, to the rest of us it is simply a fun quotable film that throws a few digs at consumer culture.

The Hollywood Babylon crew are promising lots of fun with special cocktails and a mysterious “very special pre-show” before the screening, the whole deal’s like some kinda crazy game.

Saturday March 19th at Light House Cinema, 22:45pm. Details on Facebook here.

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