Thanking You Kindly.

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Thanks a million for popping down to our wee Auntie Patty’s shindig on Thursday last. Patty herself never made an appearance having exhausted herself on a bender the night before.

Props to Dublin Calais Refugee Solidarity who drummed up an incredible feast out the back. Out to Daniel Lambert for making the BBQ session go bang bang during the early DJ shift.

Kenny Hanlon for exposing us to whatever records were left in his bag after Bloc, to Shane O’Meara for kicking us into party gear and to Dr Groove for his classic hip hop set.  Thanks also to Soundsystem Steve for the CDJs and all the folks that looked after the door through out the night.

And last but not least, go raibh maith agat ollmhór a Tonie Walsh for taking over the controls during peak time.

Our own highlights included one of our rabble speakers stage diving during a particularly heavy bass drop towards the end.

We’re gonna go hide for a while now and see about sorting out the next issue.

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