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This entity caught one of their first shows a few year ago in London’s Whitechapel district and was cognitively torn asunder by the virtuoso drumming on display from the lad that used to hit the things in the sadly now defunct oddrock three-piece Shield Your Eyes (click on that name, do it…click on it).

When Shitwife play, he is faced on the floor by the breakcore producer Ladyscraper, who is also the man at the faders for many excellent bands in his increasingly well-kitted studio (USA Nails, Silent Front, Death Pedals to name a few).

A show a couple of weeks ago on their return from 13 days jaunting around Europe proved that they are as razor tight and spewing with energy as their promise was.

They are a force to be reckoned with. Imagine Aphex Twin playing Vordhosbn without the lovely synth squeals and with Compressorhead’s four armed drummer, or if Dan Deacon dropped the sensitive immersive party host bit and just kept shit bangin’ out, or if the bass player in Lightning Bolt was really up for a laugh like Brian Chippendale is.

In a live setting, they’re more comparable to the sheer power of Aaron Spectre with a guitar rig & a few midi controllers than any of the those hyperbolic hypotheticals.

The sounds generated digitally are a nice mix of uplifting 8-bit kinda stuff and harsh riffs that sound like they’re played out on guitars overdriven to fuck. The live snare is hard to deal with at first but, as your ears acclimatise to the situation, the nature of the smacks begin to make some kind of sense in the context of everything else going on around the drumset and beyond. The interplay between the two members is a bit of a joy to behold really.

Go see them, or book them.

You can buy a heavyweight 12″ of their LP at Bandcamp. There’s even some lovely moments and that last track is pure beat euphoria. And here’s a preview of their next release, due out on a DOROHEDORO compilation.




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