An Ode To Skeffy.

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A tastefully haunted ode to the pacifist Francis Sheey Skeffington who was shot on this day in 1916.  He’d spent much of the rising trying to prevent looting and was arrested on his way home to Rathmines at Portobello Bridge.

A character called Captain J. C. Bowen-Colthurst, an officer in the 3rd battalion of Royal Irish Rifle, took him hostage as part of a marauding raiding party.

The long and the short of it was, as Skeffy’s wife told playwright Hayden Talbot six years after the killing – her husband’s body “had been put in a sack and buried in the barracks’ yard” in a nasty summary execution carried out by a deranged captain.

TnaG recently aired a documentary about him. Let us know if you can root it on their player. We failed.


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      Hi Cheers, no you are right – Hanna was qouted as saying such an interview with Hayden Talbot. Editing error.

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