TShirt Competition Bonus Prize!

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Yo, so remember that t-shirt competition we’re running? Well, the organisers of the Open Ear festival on Sherkin Island over the June Bank Holiday weekend are getting in behind the The Tshirt Company and offering up a pair of passes for their June Bank Holiday shindig.

So, with this super extra bonus added prize in mind, we’re gonna extend the deadline until Monday May 16th. Submit your entries via our contact page. We’ll take any questions over there too.

How does it work,? Well exactly as before it goes like this:

“We’re looking for someone to summon the contrary will of our little rabble project and come up with ideas for a tshirt print limited to four colours.

Ideally it’d be something that can be recycled again and again on things like stickers, in print, on badges and on the web. The winner will get all the kudos in the world, one of our bags of madness chock-a-block with a tshirt, rabble goodies and our eternal gratitude.

We like it sharp, full of bite and brimming with iconoclastic wit. So if you know any irreverent smart arse illustrators out there, send this their way. But even if you don’t know your Photoshop from your elbow, that’s okay we’ll take on any idea with merit.”

Stay tuned for an interview later in the week with the Open Ear festival organisers about their Sherkin shindig.

Here’s a PSD mock up template if it helps and you can find out more about The Tshirt Company’s specs on their only gorgeous website.

Tickets for Open Ear are available on their website for €75 including camping and there’s a €7 return ferry deal for buzzers.

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