The Undocumented.

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The Migrant Right’s Centre and others are holding a conference today calling for the regularization of undocumented peoples here.

The MRCI have consistently drawn a parallel between the experiences of the Irish in the States and people that have ended up in a similar  situation in Ireland.

Part of their renewed campaign includes publishing the infographics above crunching numbers on the whole scenario. A spokesperson for the centre had this to say:

“This issue is not going to go away. Regularisation is supported by business groups, by children’s organisations, by trade unions and by the public – a poll last year showed that 69% support the idea of a regularisation. All that’s needed now is decisive action by the new government; there is cross-party support for regularisation, and it must be prioritised in the work of the new Dáil. We’ve shown that regularisation is the smart choice and the right choice, for undocumented migrants, for Irish society and for the economy; there is no good argument for not sorting this out now.”

We interviewed the centre about its work back in 2014.



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