Sorry Deputy.

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An incredibly politicized interruption from Fine Gael TD Bernard Durkan, who more or less shouted down newly elected Shinner Louise O’Reilly during a climate change debate on Wednesday.

O’Reilly was pointing out how “the impact of TTIP will hinder the incoming Government in dealing with climate change”

TTIP was raised by two other deputies in the house during the same debate. None of whom were subjected to this pig ignorant outburst.

Reminds one of the comedic limitation of political discussion at the most pathetic of student union councils, where that old right wing refrain of “what’s that got to do with students?” serves to silence

Bernard’s not adverse to being asked to shut up himself either. Even Vinny B failed to put manners on him.

Meanwhile, here’s a Green Peace press release on the impact of TTIP on climate change.



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