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One of our readers sent this in. It’s a dole based comic strip about a group of factory workers facing regular lay offs and making ends meet on the scratcher.

It’s creator Dylan Fitzgerald says:

“It’s about the main character Match-head and his buddies Mo & Bob who are factory workers but are laid off at irregular intervals. It deals with the trials and tribulations of being employed and unemployed in that system.

The theme of the strip is that not all people on the dole are trying to screw the system and this story follows those people who rarely get reported about in the media.

The first part is up (Dolin’ It Out) which is 13 episodes and each is done in the style of a newspaper strip (4 panels an episode). I thought ye might enjoy it, and if you think this is worth sharing on your page, I’d be delighted.”

The first three are above and there are 13 to read. Give it a gander here.

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