Gombeens On The Rise.

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As we wave goodbye to the abusive JobBridge scheme so beloved of Labour we wonder what monsters will fill the vacuum. Ciaran Tierney sent us this snap of what may be the shape of things to come.

TF Recruitment – a small operation run by a Tomás Fahy, via what appears to be a holding company called Chepstone Ltd., – promises employers every kind of dodge and weave to cut costs and kick the workers where it hurts.

“Off-Hire” shall enter the lexicon as the newspeak for fire. And there we have it, workers rights that we’ve struggled for a century to gain are swept aside by a sleeveen middleman on the very anniversary of the republic.

No doubt public bodies will be ‘outsourcing’, as is their wont, to agencies like this which will then hire the downtrodden on zero hour contracts and you can write the rest of it yourself.

So far TF Recruitment have advertised jobs in the construction industry from Driver Labourer to Tower Crane Driver (a highly paid job normally).

We’d love to get more information on this and hear readers’ thoughts.


  1. Couldn’t agree more and I hope you enjoy Oxymorons as much as I do…

    “Business Ethics”
    “Corporate Conscience”
    “Bankrupt Millionaire”
    “Job Security”
    “Low Tax” (in the context of ordinary people! With Corporations it makes perfect sense!)
    “Industry Self Regulation”
    “Unbiased Opinion”
    “Guaranteed Forecast”
    “Deregulation Law”
    “Dynamic Stability”
    “Withheld Contribution”
    “Free Trade Agreement”
    “Managed Competition”

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