A Quickie With February And Mars.

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feb and mars

Simon Price sat down with Galway’s February And Mars to talk about their heady brew of intergalactic space funk and psychedelic rock and roll.

So Mojuba Records putting out a spacey record from Galway, how did that happen?

We were playing the same festival as Don Williams, Drop Everything out on Inis Oírr. He expressed an interest so we passed on some music and he wanted to sign it. He actually heard us by accident during our soundcheck. Out on the island in the sunshine it really clicked. I think it was initially planned for his other label Wandering, which is more out there but when we were in Berlin finishing off the recordings last summer, he said it would be coming out on Mojuba as part of their tenth anniversary releases.

Definitely a vote of confidence in your music that such a well respected house label would take a left turn from what they are more usually known for.

We never set out to be a particular kind of band as such, just started vibing with the machines and we always appreciated music you could dance to. Dire Straights, Fleetwood Mac even. Where there was attention paid to the rhythm section. So not necessarily housey rock as this is a very electronic record. But upbeat and danceable is something we think is important.

And you actually sat down to make a full album in the traditional sense?

We had about five tracks finished and two went on the EP so the rest became the start of the album. We were at it morning till night in houses out in Headford, Carraroe and then out to this plush state of the art recording complex in Berlin with high ceilings, grand pianos and the whole lot. And we had John Daly working with us the whole way through. Recording first of all and then on production. He was as much part of the process. One third of the sound.

How has the reaction been so far?

Yeah good. Record is selling very well even by today’s standards and we’ve had a lot of love from radio and that. So it’s all just tour preparation now, hone the craft. Our set up is kind of technical so if you’re moving synthesisers and drum machines around the place you want it to be done properly.

The Febuary and Mars debut album is out now on Mojuba Records. They bring their live show to the Sugar Club on July 9th.

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