Racist Politician.

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Activists from Monaghan are attempting to put pressure on an independent councilor after recent remarks in a Monaghan municipal district meeting.

Councillor Seamus Treanor stated that 98% of Muslims who came to Ireland “never worked and did not want to work” and that “they all want to come here but show absolutely no respect for our laws or culture.”

The councillor has form, previously claiming on local and national radio that 40% of the social welfare budget goes to foreign people and they will make the system collapse.

The remarks came just before the European Network Against Racism in Ireland released their latest information from iReport.ie. It showed they received 165 reports of racism in the period July-December 2015, of these 37 were serious offences.

It was the highest rate of assault for a six month period since they began the recording in 2013.

A group of Monaghan residents who wish to oppose Treaner’s hate-mongering and racist rhetoric have organised a petition since the District meeting.

They’re demanding Treanor resigns from his position as a public representative and are asking other councillors to support the call. You can add your name here.

One of the petition organisers, Shane Finnan, also took part in a debate with Treanor on the Northern Sound radio station which you can listen back to here.


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