Photos Of Loud Noises.

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Bit Thorn went down to a rawk show the other evening in The Bello Bar (that’s the Lower Deck to you old timers…) and took some fine snaps and scrambled out some short reviews.

First up was Be Honest who was billed as lo-fi rural noise but I would say noise is a bit harsh. Very interesting use of samples to create an eerie and dark soundscape. 

Next up were Native with there no nonsense crust punk. They’ll tear your face off.

Following that Katie O’Neill took to the stage armed with a loop station and guitar to accompany her hauntingly beautiful vocals.

Next was another veer far away from what came before with a high octane set of loud noises from 1 part All Tvvins & 2 parts HUWWTD. SHIFTING are ones to watch out for.

Vatican II were the penultimate band on a huge line up and describe themselves thusly. Slowcore/noise-rock in the vein of Shipping News, Unwound, Polvo etc. Dublin’s best sliders. They are pretty and the toast of all men.

Word on the street they’re just about to release an LP so keep your eyes peeled and ears open.

Woven Skull finished the night with their unique blend of repetitive droning sound which are almost trance inducing.  Playing as a 4 piece here they provided a solid end to a great night




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